TWP provides services to monitor all aspects of a development project to provide our clients with the peace of mind that their projects are professionally managed and headed in the right direction. We attend weekly and critical meetings to understand the pulse of the project and make course corrections before issues become escalated to the point of contention.

We track all project costs against contracts, commitments, and budgets. We collect, review, and package invoices into monthly “draws” for our clients and lenders. All invoices and applications for payment are scrutinized to ensure that the funds requested are commensurate with the work completed. We have the expertise to administer projects with special funding requirements such as general obligation bonds, certificates of participation, and Davis Bacon certified payrolls.

We prepare a customized Monthly Owner’s Report for our clients and lenders, which is a comprehensive document reflecting the scope, budget, and schedule status of the project. This is a crucial document for our clients to keep informed on the status of their project. The Anticipated Cost Report is a proactive management tool that forecasts project costs through completion.