Program / Project Management

At The Wells Partnership, our first priority is to understand the client’s vision, goals, objectives and project requirements in order to create a management plan that sets forth the performance criteria for all team members. From this project understanding and with input from all team members, we will prepare an integrated management plan outlining deliverables, milestones, and criteria for the scope, quality, budget, and schedule parameters of the project. With the responsibilities of all team members clearly defined, we will then lead the team and monitor the process. Our proactive approach to project management and extensive experience in project delivery allows us to identify the next steps for each team member and to anticipate and identify potential impacts to the project. During our in-depth participation in all phases of the project, we will guide the team in order to maintain the efficiency of all participants and ensure a successful project completion.

Budget and Proforma Preparation

We prepare comprehensive “global” project budgets at the conceptual stage of each project. These detailed budgets are complete, with all soft and hard cost line items populated. Our vast experience in the design and construction industry provides us with an extensive database of historic costs, allows us to tap resources and acquire current market costs, and gives us the knowledge and insight to forecast anticipated costs. Because the complete global budget prepared before the project begins it is the critical foundation on which future decisions will be weighed it must be accurate and reasonable. The Wells Partnership will monitor the budget and recommend appropriate adjustments to meet each clients economic goals.

The Wells Partnership provides detailed proforma preparation, cash flow projections, sensitivity analysis, and other necessary financial documents as required by our clients, investors, and lenders for the efficient and successful management of the project. These analyses become the tools for critical decision making.

Site Selection / Property Due Diligence

Our extensive experience in all aspects of real estate development enables us to provide our clients with a systematic and objective approach to site selection. Whether selecting a project site or determining a site’s highest and best use, we analyze land parcels for their existing condition and potential. A systematic evaluation is undertaken with regard to the impacts of the applicable comprehensive master plan, planning and zoning regulations, potential eminent domain takings, pending up-zoning or down-zoning plans, etc.

We perform an extensive due diligence analysis for our clients in pending building purchases and sale transactions. Reports include review of sitework (paving, landscaping, irrigation, retaining walls, utilities, traffic control, fencing, signage, earthwork, grading, erosion control, and sidewalks); parking structures; building envelope (roofing, exterior walls, exterior windows and doors, etc.); interior improvements (walls, doors, ceilings, floors, and thermal and acoustical insulation); structural systems; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems; fire protection and detection systems; vertical transportation; etc. We research the presence of entitlement documentation, warranty documents, preventive maintenance records, capital improvement expenditures, ADA compliance(Americans with Disabilities Act), and the presence of hazardous substances.

Consultant and Contractor Selection

At The Wells Partnership, we offer our clients the best value when we join the team early in the delivery process. The early project stages involve critical decisions for building the best team of consultants and contractors specifically suited for the project. Based on our vast project experience, we can provide assistance to the owner in developing a long list of qualified candidates, issue RFQs (Request for Qualifications), evaluate responses, and recommend a short list of candidates for the RFP process. Upon concurrence of the owner, we will issue RFPs (Request for Proposal), evaluate responses, and make recommendations. Our response review is an in-depth evaluation of company profile, capabilities, financial strength, and project experience. We also review the capabilities and experience of the individual team members proposed for the project.

Upon consultant and contractor selection, The Wells Partnership will receive, review, evaluate, and negotiate the consultant and contractor agreements for the owner. We have a very comprehensive and coordinated set of contract documents for design and construction that we offer our clients. These forms of contract are “owner friendly,” fair, and industry tested for decades. They are not AIA (American Institute of Architects) or AGC (Association of General Contractors) based.

The Wells Partnership will also make recommendations on the specialty consultants and contractors needed to provide a complete team for the project.

Draw Preparation / Construction Lender Assistance

The Wells Partnership provides the cost control for all “soft and hard” costs on the project. Our customized spreadsheets track all project costs against contracts, commitments, and budgets. We collect, review, and package invoices into monthly “draws” for our clients and lenders. All invoices and applications for payment are scrutinized to ensure that the funds requested are commensurate with the work completed and that the client is not being over billed. We are skilled in administering projects with special funding requirements such as general obligation bonds, certificates of participation, and Davis Bacon certified payrolls.

As well as preparing the documentation for the monthly “draw package,” The Wells Partnership prepares a Monthly Owner’s Report for our clients and lenders, which is a comprehensive document reflecting the scope, budget, and schedule status of the project. This is an important tracking document for our clients and lenders. Our Anticipated Cost Report, which is part of the Monthly Owner’s Report, projects the costs through completion and is a valuable proactive management tool.

Building Commissioning / Closeout / Warranty Review

As buildings become increasingly more sophisticated, not only from an evolving technology standpoint, but also from the incorporation of sustainable design elements, building commissioning, closeout, and warranty followup requires an organized and deliberate process to ensure a properly executed building is turned over to the client. We are integrally involved in the project closeout process to ensure that a complete and fully functional building is delivered. Our proactive management approach is key to guiding the team to a timely completion of this critical project phase.

Building commissioning driven by sustainable design requirements and LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certifications is a detailed step by step process that we are experienced and accustomed to guiding and managing expeditiously.

We manage the project closeout process to ensure that all documentation (operations and maintenance manuals, record documents, etc.) has been completed and delivered to the owner, owner personnel training has been completed, punch lists have been completed, attic stock has been delivered, and other closeout requirements have been completed. The Wells Partnership also provides an in-depth financial analysis at closeout for the owner. We Verify that any required certifications, affidavits, releases, and consents have been received.

Prior to project closeout, we develop and implement a well-organized warranty process that identifies key individuals as points of contact for issues, an automated issues logging process, and timely resolution to problems. We participate in warranty walk-through and follow up on required corrective actions.

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