March 2015


“It was twenty years ago today”

Welcome to our new website, our electronic shingle posted up for the world to see.
It is with great pleasure on the occasion of our twentieth year of life as an organization that we reintroduce ourselves in this updated format.
Our clients, friends, and associates can see the markers of collective efforts brought to life as the roll of projects in the portfolio scrolls by on the screen. So many great memories of issues encountered and overcome, of all the decision points at which a project could be launched, or scuttled, and how we all worked together to make them happen.
In any enterprise there are a few key moments and leverage points that can determine its future. When you have a solid commitment and know your ground and your star, it makes it easier to take the risk to make the desired a reality. We believe in our clients. They have all taken risks to get where they are, and where they are going. With our solid base of collective knowledge and a deep respect for their goals and desires we use our experience and tools to help them achieve their dreams.
Thanks again to all those people who have trusted us to help shape their futures. You are the reason we exist. Thanks to all our partners along the way who have given their very best efforts as well.
We can help. Let’s get started.

The Wells Partnership Team,
Les, Axel, Lisa, Mark, Jim, and Alannah.

P.S. One reason for including this blog is to have a discussion platform for issues in our industry. We welcome any questions/thoughts/ideas you might have that we could gather materials and share. You never know what we can come up with.